Luca Haus, Seddon

86a Charles Street, Seddon

P: 03 9687 0039

In a nutshell: under-rated and very reasonably priced, this brunch spot is often overlooked among more well-known players in Seddon’s brunch scene. Pop out the back on a warm morning and enjoy the quality food and coffee… Oh, and remember not to tell too many people how good it is!

We ate:

– pumpkin toast with hummus, avocado, beetroot relish, rocket, lime and two poached eggs
– eggs benedict with homemade hashbrown (special)
– pikelets with nectarine jam and creme fraiche

Coffee: single origin latte (East Timor), soy flat white and cappuccino.

Food: The pumpkin-poached eggs combo was a winner… the beetroot relish complimenting the hummus and eggs. Eggs were poached to perfection and were definitely free range due to the fiery red yolk that oozed out. Everything that was meant to be hot came out hot and pumpkin toast still had its crunch despite being smothered with delicious (home made?) hummus. A slice of lime was provided with added a nice citrus zing to the dish.

The egg benedict, while described by the waitress as something more exotic, was stock standard brunch fare but there were no complaints from this one either. The meat was bacon and the hollandaise sauce had a good balance of sweet and sour while not being too gluggy. Again, the eggs were poached well (read: were runny) and were served on English muffins. This all came with a home made hashy, which went down a treat. The ideal hangover cure, I’d say!

Another member of our party had the pikelets with nectarine jam. He said it was “lovely” although if you are a savoury person you’d best stick to the savoury dishes as this was quite sweet. He said the creme fraiche and jam complemented the pikelets quite well.

Coffee: My strong single origin latte was quite strong (which is what I asked for… but would probably order regular next time) but had a unique flavour that was distinct enough from the common types around Melbourne (sorry my coffee vocab isn’t strong). Milk was on the hot side of warm, which is how I like it (but not too hot). Beans weren’t burnt. Wife’s soy flat white was very good.

Price: Very reasonable… $60 for four meals and four coffees.

Ambience: footpath dining out front, a few tables inside and plenty of space in courtyard out back. We sat out back and were comfortable on warm morning under umbrella. Plenty of Age and Herald Sun newspapers to go round.

Service: friendly and polite. Waitress initially did not know coffee options but was no trouble for her to check. Was patient with in-laws.

Overall rating: 8/10

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